We're Vanishing Point

by Vanishing Point (Znikający Punkt)

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released January 1, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Vanishing Point (Znikający Punkt) Opole, Poland

Contact - band@znikajacy.pl ;
781 192 851.

WE are rock'n'roll on nitro fuel . And people like it.
We are a five- fully loaded boundless energy and uncompromising ticking time bomb.
Vanishing Point - Lady Whiskey , Al Zakapiorre , Luke Skywalker & Cook .

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Track Name: Reign Of Rock'n'Roll
Vanishing Point (Znikajacy Punkt) - Reign of Rock'n'Roll (New Song !)
Live + TZN Xenna 7.12.2013 [Emaus Kluczbork] Spicy Rock'n'Roll



Lyrics :

Shut up !

You are - talking worthless words
Like the ones heard on TV
You are - satisfied with your middle class life

You're satisfied, just satisfied !

We are - sponsors of their lifes
Rich people laughin so loud
But you - have your job, dues to pay

And you're satisfied, just satisfied !

This mad world is going down now
Let's keep the reign of Rock'n'Roll !

But you know - you get what you give
That's why they're serving us lies
You feel - good with it so that's why it is like it is

You're satisfied, just satisfied !

They say - times have changed
But hard times - they come and they go

And you - you have to know the difference
Between things we deserve and we get

Hey you - you're not happy... just satisfied !
Track Name: Anioł i Diabeł (Angel and Devil)
Znikający Punkt - Anioł i Diabeł


Lyrics (English Translation on the bottom)

Anioł i diabeł wciąż walczą wewnątrz mnie
Przeciąganie liny, ona końce ma dwa
Jak przeciwne bieguny nie mogą zgodzić się
Wciąż jeden lub drugi przejmuje nade mną ster

Tak jest, nie będę zawsze twym barankiem
Nie będę też pomagał ci w destrukcji
Zostanę zarówno jednym jak i drugim
A ty i tak wciąż pamiętać będziesz mnie

Dokładnie tak, nigdy nie zapomnisz mnie
Tak po prostu nie da się wymazać mnie z życia
Wiedz tylko że jeśli, jeśli dasz mi powody
Bez skrupułów okrutnym katem stanę się

Lecz jeśli tylko, jeśli kiedyś mi pozwolisz
Wtedy ja dla ciebie dowiodę swej wartości

The angel and the devil still struggles inside of me
Tug of war, it has two ends
As opposite poles,they can not agree
Still one or the other takes the helm over me

Yes, I will not always be Your lamb
I will not even help you in the destruction
Become both one and the second
And You, anyway, will still remember me

Yes, right, You will never forget me
That simply You can't erase me from Your life
Know that, if you only You will give me reasons
Unscrupulously cruel executioner I will became

But if only, if you ever let me do this
Then I will prove to You my value
Track Name: Al Zakapiorre
Vanishing Point (Znikajacy Punkt) - "Lord's Pub Around The Corner"
Song from an upcoming 2013 EP "Four Of A Kind"





He was "The One", He had the hammer in hand
Fighint all the road signs in sight
He was "The Man" You really, really don't want to
See Your daughter with

Walking arm to arm with blood and whiskey
Smoking two cigarretes at once
Didn't care about the toilet, pissing drunk on You
The real gangster taking care with no need of machine gun

Tattoos on His arm, and the look of pure evil !
Get out of His way, or He'll take your way for Him !
His name is Al, Al Zakapiorre !

He was so handsome guy, that the one in the mirror
Was trying to hook Him up
But he had so much luck, that back in the days
He has been found by one pretty lady

She was cold as an ice and He was hot like a JD
So they put their power together
Still destroying the world, still conquering the world
Taking back what They deserve !


Tattoos on His arm, and the look of pure evil !
Get out of His way, or He'll take your way for Him !
His name is Al, Al Zakapiorre !
Track Name: Poland
The happy ones, with funny smiles
It's limp bizkit fuckin' up your town

Richie rich his fathers and sons
We all pay up their ideal lives

Minorities ! - grabbed all we had and deserve
Majorities ! - You should know who rules the wall street

Poland - such a beautiful country
Grown on blood of our heroes
Now all that's fuckin' left for us
It's what is burned out or sold out

Poland - such a beautiful country
(But) people here are just jelaous pricks
(More) connections you have, more things you can do
It doesn't matter what's inside of you

Blinded fools, with the bling bling fakes
Illuminati washed up your minds

Just the way they needed to
Nothing's what you aim for, nothing's what you do
Track Name: We're Vanishing Point
Watch out, there's someone behind you
This city is lika a battlefield
Dangerous times generates victims
But hidden fighters waves black flag
Sit for a moment, choose your side
Take your guns up or pray to these time's gods

We're Vanishing Point, the newborn army
Guitar riffs like machine guns
So scream it out, scream it loud
With our lyrics we'll shoot'em down !

Our V-8 hearts, beats on and on
They can't stop us, we'll move like tanks
The war, already begun
With eyes wide open, we can clearly see
We'll fight together, arm to arm
So move your ass, time's up !
Track Name: If Love Is a Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) Cover
Maria McKee cover.